Tips on Handwashing Your Car

Here are all the essential steps, taking which will guarantee a fresh and a spruced up look for your vehicle:

1: Make sure that before you start, that car is not exposed to any direct sunlight. This will cut the premature drying short which can make car’s paint cover with splotches.

2: Do a checklist of all the tools and stuff that you’ll need and place it strategically near to the car. This includes cleaning tools such as the soap that you will use for the washing process, a bucket, a hose, new rags to dry your car, and other items, and a little help.

3: Mix the car wash soap and water in the bucket.

4: Be sure to completely close all the doors and windows and detach the vehicle’s antenna.

6: Hose off the car to get rid of the first layer of the dirt. But don’t be too harsh on the surface right now, as this can rub grit over the paint and scratch it. Softly hose it all the surfaces. Aiming up around windows may cause water to get into the car if there are any leaks in the rubber seals.

7: Detach the car’s wipers away from the windshield (if you don’t know how to determine that they’re safe to pull, just do until they click into their position).

8: Soak a large wash rag or sponge in the bucket with a water-soap mix, then make sure to wash out any dirt in it, and begin applying it to the car. But beware, using a brush on car’s finish can really damage it, leaving small, but noticeable scratches.

9: Wash the car sectionally, starting at the roof. Repeat it for a few times in a loop, washing lower areas with each new round.

10: Rinse the dirt out of the wash mitt or sponge in the bucket with plain water frequently.

11: After one section is done, rinse it with the hose before continuing.

12: Dry the vehicle’s surface with fresh towels.

Or come by the carwash and let us take care of your car for you.