Get Your Car Detailed before Listing For Sale

Have Your Car or Truck Detailed

You will also want to have the car cleaned and detailed in order to make it look better. This includes cleaning out the inside and washing and waxing the outside of it and having it vacuumed.

Make sure you have it hand washed and waxed. Make sure you have dressings added to your tires and other aspect so the car to make sure everything looks the best that is can for the pictures and in person for the prospective buyers.

This shows the prospective buyers that you kept up with the cleanliness of the car and can eliminate any odors that may be in your car as well. 

How To Sell It Once you have it Detailed

You can choose to make the most money off of it by listing it as a private party sale but this can be quite a hassle to sell. You can also sell it to a dealer or list it on an online dealer listing, which gives you the most exposure while still getting a good price for it. 

As you can see, there are several things you need to do before listing your old car for sale and making it look presentable is one of the most important tasks. Once you have these things in order, then you can list it and enjoy that extra cash or go car shopping! 

Come by today and we can get your car ready for posting it for sale.