Is Your Car Ready for a Road Trip?

Is Your Car Ready for a Road Trip?

When it is time to go again on a road trip make sure your car is ready for the long drive. Here are some steps to make sure your car is ready:

Make sure your lights work and are clear:

When driving, you want to make sure that other drivers know when you’re switching lanes, pressing on the brakes, or turning your hazard lights on. Doing a quick check at home is easy: Simply test out all the lights with a friend to ensure each bulb is functional. Take note of any lights that may need to have their bulbs replaced, and get them fixed before you go.

Also bring your car to the Desert Hand Car Wash for a Headlight Restoration for brighter lights for dark areas in your travels.

Also come to see us for a full cleaning detail inside and out to make sure you have smooth travels. Having a clean car is a much better ride to enjoy your road trip or vacation. We offer may levels of cleaning services including a full detail and wax service.

Stop by the car wash or give us a call for more information about headlight restoration and an auto (760) 320-2020