Caring for your Classic Car - Hand Wash & Wax

Caring for your Classic Car - Hand Wash & Wax

Your car is very important to you because a vintage ride is a labor of love, as well as a major financial investment that deserves to be protected. Following the maintenance tips below will ensure your classic stays beautiful for years to come.

Image from Gregg Felsen Photography

How to Care for Your Classic Car

Keep It Clean & Waxed

The paint is your car’s first and only line of defense against rust, so hand-wash your antique on a regular basis. Applying a coat of wax every six months also provides a valuable layer of protection against sun damage, flying rocks, and the other hazards on the road. We can carefully clean and wax your car. Desert hand car wash has modern equipment and does a hand car wash to make your car beautiful and protected.

Check the Seals

Every antique vehicle, no matter how well-built, is prone to leaks around the doors and windows. Over time, the rubber seals start to corrode, which allows moisture in and eventually leads to rust.

Check the seals regularly and replace them as soon as they start to seem dried out and fragile. Fortunately, many suppliers offer aftermarket reproductions of classic parts made from durable modern rubber.